Saturday, July 8, 2017

First Love

When I was young
 I met a boy
Who gave me my first kiss
He professed to love me
My first boyfriend
Whom I only saw at school
We talked about our school life
Our likes, dislikes
But not about much more
We were young, barely twelve
And in puppy love
He disappeared one day
I heard rumors
He was ill
That his family mistreated him
Then the horrible truth
That both were true
That he’d try to kill himself
My heart heavy
I waited for him to come back
So I could shower him with love
Let him talk to me
I’d be there for him
Let him know I cared
But when he came back to school
I was puzzled
He wouldn’t look at me
He didn’t speak to me
Though I tried and told him
Nothing had changed for me
I didn’t understand
How first love had turned to ashes
Surely it was just depression talking?
Giving him space
I thought it would turn around
I waited for him to approach me
But he never did
And one month later
He disappeared again
I was terrified
Had he tried again?
Then I heard
He’s safe now
They took him away
From his horrible family
And I breathed a sigh of relief
For I thought
How could I be sad
But the next moment I was
For I’d never see him again
A little part of me remembers
That first kiss
And how it felt to be his first love

And wonder sometimes
If he is still safe?
Does he know someone
Still cares
If only as a friend?
©Sheilagh Lee July 8, 2017


  1. Ah so beautiful/wonderful. You had me. I was with my first love. This is that alive. Thank you