Monday, November 19, 2018

Where Childhood Dwells

I dream of that place
Where childhood dwells
Where salmon spawn
Deep within the forest
Where Douglas fir
And pine combine
To make tranquil space
Sitting and thinking
To let loose childish imaginations
Pretending to defend the castle
A knight of the realm
Conquering fairies
Wood sprite,  leprechaun and
As you watch the fireflies
Flitter around
A place of inner peace
With not a soul around
Where I find 
That memory
Childhood dwells
©Sheilagh Lee November 19,2018

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Forget Us Not

Forget Us Not

The sky dark and fiery
A solemn crowd stood round the cenotaph
The old, the young and in between
Old men and women in wheelchairs
Pushed by the young
All bundled against the bitter wind
Remembering days of old
Stories told by family
Throughout the years
Of great-grandfather, great-grandmother, great aunts and uncles
Grandmothers and grandfather, aunts and uncles
Those newly indoctrinated into the club
Of wounded and dead veterans
Ceremony took place
Heads were bowed
Prayers were said
As heads were raised
The heavenly sight was seen
The clouds lifted
The winds stilled
Light trickled down
A single ray of light
Shone round
In all heads a voice was heard
We sacrificed our futures and lives for you
Forget us not
The bells pealed out
A hundred times
Forget us not!!
©Sheilagh Lee  November 8 2018

Monday, September 3, 2018

A different story

Go for a boat ride
He said
The ocean’s calm
No sharks are near
We paddle bravely
Then I see
A whale
Bigger than the sea
It’s a trick of the light
My friend says
An illusion
We’re safe
He insists
I know this whale is huge
He can tip us into the sea
And devour us
For my friend’s name
Is Jonah
You see
And in the tale
The whale tells is a different one
Then you and me
©Sheilagh Lee  March 16, 2018

Monday, August 27, 2018

Giving Thanks

As the sun sets
On the day
We gave thanks
For our blessings
Give prayers
Hoping that tomorrow
Will be a better day
Offer help to those who need
Say prayers for others
For only through community
And love of our fellow man
Do we truly prosper

©Sheilagh Lee  August 27, 2018

Monday, July 30, 2018

Sweet Harvest

 In a forest of feelings
We now know
What is good and evil
Because we ate of the apple
Why do we feel?
Such shame and such guilt?
We’re not evil
We just enjoy the fruit
Sweet harvest
Fragrant tasty fruit treats
Apples by the barrel
Cider, apple pie,
Apple crumble, apple crisp
Caramel apples and crisp apples
So yummy
Sweet treats soon to be created
And consumed
For that we give thanks.
©Sheilagh Lee  July 30 2018

Friday, July 27, 2018


Freedom an overused word
Often mistaken
For something different
What is free?
You  ask
Freedom are words
I am able to speak
Without retribution
Protests I can make
To right wrongs
The right to be me
Journalists that ask questions
And get answers
Even a holiday
To a seashore
Or pleasant place
From work and strife
All are freedoms
I value
In a liberated society
©Sheilagh Lee  July 27 2018

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Remembering D-Day 74 Years Later

Image result for d'day- Juno beach

Remembering D-Day 74 Years Later

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Men some young, some old

Some in between
Scared, shaking in their skins
They find the inner courage
The stamina and the bravery
To go to war    
On distance shore
They battle waves
The wicked weather
To face tanks, big guns and men
Trying to take land
To end the war
To save their families
For tyranny and strife
To find peace
Who gave their all
So we could end the war
To have peace again
And enjoy the fruits of life
So on this day 73 years later
We remember their sacrifice
And every day
For their love of country
And home they forfeited
Peace of mind, fear and life
Some gave their lives
Others their peace of mind
There are now words to thank them
Image result for d'day- Juno beach
We shall never forget  their sacrifice

Image result for d'day- Juno beachAnd remember them forever
American, British and Canadian

Image result for dday Image result for dday

  One and all remembered           forevermore
©Sheilagh Lee June 6, 2018