Friday, February 22, 2013

Down The Rabbit Hole

Down the rabbit hole I go,
Falling, and spiraling, into pain
Relentlessly it captures me
The flame igniting, burning, bright
It knows no restraints, it knows no limits
It gives no quarter, as it continues its conquest
Wooing softly, then cascading noisily as it seizes
It’s quarry with infinite force
Tightening on me in knots, and waves
Burrowing, kneading, into every joint
I fight with all my might
I want to scream and cry, and shout
As the throbbing goes on, and on, and on
No relief in sight, the pain increasing
Still continues cumulatively
Like a snowball it grows bigger
Sleep eludes, and lingers on
The edge of pain
The climb out of the hole
So deep, I cannot creep
But only hope it stops burrowing
Takes a break, and goes away
Tomorrow, I will creep out of the hole
It will not defeat me.

© Sheilagh Lee February 22, 2013