Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Three Word Wednesday - Open your eyes

Three Word Wednesday - Open your eyes

Prompts: Enchanting, adjective: delightfully charming or attractive.

Fanatical, adjective: filled with excessive and single-minded zeal, obsessively concerned with something.

Giddy, adjective: having a sensation of whirling and a tendency to fall or stagger; dizzy, disorienting and alarming, but exciting, excitable and frivolous; verb: make (someone) feel excited to the point of disorientation.

She was enchanting and fun
He was fanatical and dull
Crunching numbers every day
She was giddy with life
Seizing it in both hands

He watched her from a far
Wondering what she had
To be so happy about
She was poor
She worked too long
As a waitress and a cook
Yet her smile never wavered

He decided he needed her
So he could take her joy
And make it his
For his life was miserable
And oh so tedious
Surely such a treasure should be his?

He spruced himself up
Put on fake smiles and manners
But she saw through him
And refused him
Yet she continued to smile

One day when he came to the diner
She wasn’t there
The other waitress sullen
And deadly  dull
Told him she’d married her true love

He vowed to change that day
And find joy within and without
That’s when he opened his eyes
To the woman who had
For ten long years
Smiled at him
Every morning at the coffee shop
On her way to work
She was the one

He decided 
His own true love
He'd found his happiness

                                                       ©Sheilagh Lee May 18, 2016

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Three Word Wednesday- Matter

Three Word Wednesday- Matter
Babble, verb: talk rapidly and continuously in a foolish, excited, or incomprehensible way, reveal something secret or confidential by talking impulsively or carelessly, make the continuous murmuring sound of water flowing over stones; noun: the sound of people talking quickly and in a way that is difficult or impossible to understand, foolish, excited, or confused talk.
Cherish, verb: protect and care for (someone) lovingly, hold (something) dear, keep (a hope or ambition) in one's mind.
Damned, adjective: (in Christian belief) condemned by God to suffer eternal punishment in hell, used for emphasis, especially to express anger or frustration, used to emphasize the surprising nature of something (damnedest).

I babble when I meet new people
I’ll be damned if I know why
Or maybe I do
I’m nervous and shy
I speak of the weather
Sometimes I say too much
About family or me
But I remember to listen
Intently to what they have to say
For I cherish the company
The stories they bring
The worlds they open up to me
Just paying attention
Can make their day
And mine
Brighter, happier
Feeling like we both matter.

                                                           ©Sheilagh Lee May 11, 2016

Friday, May 6, 2016

Happy Mother's Day Mom

Mom it doesn't seem so long ago
I had to say goodbye
Although as the years have gone bye
I still find my self thinking of you
I miss your loving smile
And your warm embrace
The changing expressions on your face
I miss your encouragement
Your steadfast love 
And you always being there
I pick up the phone
And want to call you
To tell you 
Good news and bad
Somehow it doesn’t seem fair
That you are not there
To see your grandchildren
Succeed and grow into adults
To see me finally succeed
In writing  and publishing my books
But I know you’re there in heaven
Though it’s been many long years
Without you
That you watch over us 
And look in a time or two
And still whisper encouragement 

That we know is from you.
I want to wish you 
Peace and joy and say
Thanks Mom for being you
Thanks for your patience
And love
Even when you struggled yourself
And being there all the days
I had with you 
Because they were the best, 
All good because you made it so    
Because you loved your children
And showed us each and every day
How lucky we were to have you 
And show us the way to be the people 
We are today.
Thanks Mom 
I'll always love you.
Happy Mother's Day
©Sheilagh Lee May 8, 2016

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Three word Wednesday- Time

Time is filtered in moments
Moments of great sadness
Instants of great joy
Moments of unselfishness
Ages of love
Seconds of heartbreak
Flashes of happiness

Segments of rhythms
Binding the fabrics of our lives
Like grains of sand
They fill up and etch
Out the corners of our lives
Until the wind comes and blows
Them all away

Treasure your good times
Capturing them
In the camera of the mind
Taking them out when needed
Like a picture book
To live them all again.

©Sheilagh Lee May 4, 2016

Sunday, May 1, 2016


Memories trickle down
The ripples of time
Flowing through the eyes
Of recollection
Coloured with hope
Happiness and love
The retention fading
A little as time marches on
The faces fading in our minds
But the love and remembrances
Survive binding us
To the folks we love
As the their stories live on.
©Sheilagh Lee May 1, 2016