Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Missing Debbie

Nineteen years ago I cried,
Twisted, heart and soul inside,
A little piece of me had died,
Cancer, the fiend came and took you away,
Leukemia the monster had won the day,
I thought of when we were so young,
When our voices rose and we sung,
Together in harmony and play,
Sisters we would always stay,
Even death couldn’t take that away.

The sky was dark the wind was cold,
My dress blue flowers for you to behold,
You said you hated black for wakes,
And I thought wear red for Pete's sakes,
But no red could be found so your favourite blue,
I wore in a dress flowered and new.

I couldn’t get warm the chilly breath,
Touched me deep inside of death,
My heart felt broken in tiny pieces,
That my children your nieces,
Wouldn’t know you as I did,well,
And still I wailed at the new hell,
I found myself in missing you,
Wanting to call, talk to you.
Just once more to say I loved you sis,
That you would always be missed,
There’s always a missing part.
A whole left in our hearts.

Nineteen years later hasn’t eased the pain,
Though people our family has gained.
We still feel the empty spot.
Where you will always remain,
Missing Debbie in our hearts and minds,
Only in her children and grandchildren do we find,
A little piece of her we can retrieve,
Remembrances of her can we weave,
So they can know her too,
And she can live on it in what we do.

© Sheilagh Lee   March 29, 2012