Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Three Word Wednesday- Distrust

Three Word Wednesday- Distrust
Prompts: Distrust, noun: Mistrust, suspicion, wariness, chariness, leeriness, lack of trust, lack of confidence; skepticism, doubt, doubtfulness, cynicism; misgivings, qualms, disbelief; verb: Mistrust, be suspicious of, be wary/chary of, be leery of, regard with suspicion, suspect; be skeptical of, have doubts about, doubt, be unsure of/about, have misgivings about, wonder about, disbelieve (in).

Hopeful, adjective: Optimistic, full of hope, confident, positive, buoyant, sanguine, expectant, bullish, cheerful, lighthearted; informal upbeat; promising, encouraging, heartening, inspiring, reassuring, auspicious, favorable, optimistic, propitious, bright, rosy; noun: Candidate, aspirant, prospect, possibility; nominee, competitor, contender; up-and-comer.

Tolerant, adjective: Open-minded, forbearing, broad-minded, liberal, unprejudiced, unbiased; patient, long-suffering, understanding, forgiving, charitable, lenient, indulgent, permissive, easygoing, lax; laid-back.

Distrust of authority
Hopeful people
Embrace protest
Expecting that tolerance
And justice
Will prevail
But fiery, drawn out words
Lead to violence
As the verdict
That there is no justice
Wafts over the crowd

The morally challenged
Strike out on both sides
And protest is viewed 
As troublesome
Because a few
Bad apples who harm
Properties and they destroy

The good voices 
Lost in some eyes
The cause still good
Justice may still prevail
But morale low
As the town burns

©Sheilagh Lee November 26, 2014

There are good people in Ferguson read this

Monday, November 10, 2014

We Remember

They fought hard and long
To achieve those freedoms
Fighting and killing others
That hurt their very souls
They fought to save their countries
From tyranny and evil intent

They gave up their home lives
Their families and soil
To fight for kin and country
To save the world
They gave much

Now we revere them
Remember them
Immortalize them
We shall not forget
Their sacrifice
From sun up
To sundown
Each day we remember
Their forfeit
And honour their lives 

©Sheilagh Lee November 11, 2014