Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Three Word Wednesday - Real

   Three Word Wednesday - Real
Prompts: Metallic, adjective: of, relating to, or resembling metal or metals, (of sound) resembling that produced by metal objects striking each other; sharp and ringing, (of a person's voice); emanating or as if emanating via an electronic medium, having the sheen or luster of metal; noun: a paint, fiber, fabric, or color with a metallic sheen.

Optimal, adjective: best or most favorable; optimum.

Polished,adjective: shiny as a result of being rubbed, accomplished and skillful, refined, sophisticated, or elegant.


She wears the metallic coloured dress
Her badge of courage
Armour to face the elite
Those who appear polished
With ease and flair

She enters the party room
To  loud whispers
And catty remarks
Of that's last season's dress
Downright glares from some women

She pushes back her shoulders
She knows despite the remarks
She looks good
She smiles and waves
 The women look surprised

The most eligible bachelor
In the room approaches her
He likes her moxy
He smiles and speaks to her
Then gets down on one knee
She nods yes

Some of the same women
Frown calling her an upstart
Others walk over to her
And are friendly
She's now considered one of them

She turns the other cheek
Being nice to the bullies
Never forgetting their ill will
Always protecting herself
From the turn of the tide
But winning them all
With her considerate and benevolent gestures

Becoming the matron of society
She welcomes the new blood
The optimal changes
To make them human

When she dies
Society remembers and celebrate
Her uniqueness, but most of all
Her kindness,
That made them feel

©Sheilagh Lee  July 29, 2015

Monday, July 27, 2015

Hello, my friend

Hello my friend                    
I miss you
I miss your smile
Your loving advice
Your kindness most of all

I remember with fondness
The days of our youth
Choir and music
Filling our lives
Councils for music
Trips and singing too
How we revelled in those short years
Entertaining, and seemingly long

Time marched on
But we kept in touch
You came to my wedding
And to the hospital
When my daughter was born
Friends forever we declared.
And we went separate ways
Only getting in touch
Over time and space
Through the magic of the computer
We were reunited
Friends as if time
Hadn’t passed

But those days are long ago
And now in a blink of an eye
They’re gone
Memories of time passed
But one thing still remains
The bond never broken
Or friendship lives on
Not even death can break
A friendship so strong
You still are
And always will be
My friend
Forever on my mind
And in my heart
Happy birthday Rose

©Sheilagh Lee  July 27, 2015