Friday, May 6, 2016

Happy Mother's Day Mom

Mom it doesn't seem so long ago
I had to say goodbye
Although as the years have gone bye
I still find my self thinking of you
I miss your loving smile
And your warm embrace
The changing expressions on your face
I miss your encouragement
Your steadfast love 
And you always being there
I pick up the phone
And want to call you
To tell you 
Good news and bad
Somehow it doesn’t seem fair
That you are not there
To see your grandchildren
Succeed and grow into adults
To see me finally succeed
In writing  and publishing my books
But I know you’re there in heaven
Though it’s been many long years
Without you
That you watch over us 
And look in a time or two
And still whisper encouragement 

That we know is from you.
I want to wish you 
Peace and joy and say
Thanks Mom for being you
Thanks for your patience
And love
Even when you struggled yourself
And being there all the days
I had with you 
Because they were the best, 
All good because you made it so    
Because you loved your children
And showed us each and every day
How lucky we were to have you 
And show us the way to be the people 
We are today.
Thanks Mom 
I'll always love you.
Happy Mother's Day
©Sheilagh Lee May 8, 2016

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