Saturday, June 6, 2020

Remembering D-Day 76 years later

Neither physical distance
Nor illness, wind, and rain
Shall keep those brave souls
From our thoughts and memories
Today and always
Those who fought on D-Day
So hard and long
So we could have the freedoms
We enjoy today
Are in our thoughts and prayers
Men some young, some old
Some in between
Scared, shaking in their skins
Found the inner courage
The stamina and the bravery
To go to war
On distance shore
14000 souls, brave and true
Landed on Juno Beach
The 6th Armoured Regiment (1st Hussars)  Crewed by William Reed, Frank White, Frank Fowler ,Terry Doherty and Everett Smith,
And others , in tanks and on foot

Battled waves, wicked weather
To face tanks, big guns and men
Trying to take land
To end the war                                  

To save their families
From tyranny and strife
They gave their all
So we could end the war
To have peace again
And enjoy the fruits of life
So on this day 76 years later
And every day
We enjoy our freedom
We remember their sacrifice.
                                                         ©Sheilagh Lee  June 6, 2020

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