Monday, July 31, 2017

Tantalizing Tuesday's Tete-Tete's #No.5- Perception

Tantalizing Tuesday's Tete-Tete's #No.5- Perception
Prompts: perception, inspirational, checkered.

When I was young my perception of people
Was always skewed by the rosy glow
In which I saw people
There was good and bad
But most people I was convinced were good
Inspirational people were plenty
Those who had checkered pasts were few
And could be reformed with a little kindness and charity
Now that time has passed
I see people a little differently
I’ve been burned a time or two you see
My kindness has been used against me
I now look a little closer
Before I leap into situations that can hurt me
But I find I cannot truly change my nature
I am willing to give most people a chance
To give what help I can
To spread kindness even still
For I know that even if I am accused
Of rose-coloured glasses
Through which I peer
The world looks better through them
After all, perception is in the eye of the beholder
And people can surprise us all
Given a little kindness too

                                                                                                ©Sheilagh Lee August 1,2017


  1. I kind of went the other way around. I learned that suspicion wasn't always necessary, and that most people are pretty decent.

  2. yes that's true if you give kindness you get it back