Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Tantalizing Tuesday's Tete-Tete's #No.4-Forest

Tantalizing Tuesday's Tete-Tete's #No.4- Forest

Prompts:fragrant, sustain, and petty

I lift my eyes to the sun
Feeling the warmth upon my face
Breathing in breathing out
I am one with the earth
The energy of the world
Fulfils me, sustains me
Makes me whole again
I take a walk in the deep green forest
Branches of pine
Fill my nostrils
With sweet smells
Wildflowers fragrant odour
Flows through my body
Peace overwhelms me
I feel like me again
Ready to take on the world
Its petty concerns
Its busy life
As long as in my mind

I step into a forest again.

©Sheilagh Lee July 25, 2017