Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Three Word Wednesday - Positivity

Prompts ;Harrowing, adjective: acutely distressing.
Imperfect, adjective: not perfect; faulty or incomplete.
Lame, adjective: (of a person or animal) unable to walk normally because of an injury or illness affecting the leg or foot, (of an explanation or excuse) unconvincingly feeble, (of something intended to be entertaining) uninspiring and dull, (of a person) naive or inept, especially socially.


Some would call me lame
Because I limp
So what?
I’m imperfect
They don’t see the real me
Behind the pounds
That have piled on
Due to ill health
If they did
They’d know
I’d been through
Harrowing, continuing health scares
I choose not to dwell upon
Or talk about 
Life is hard
So what?
My inner light is bright
Positive and warm
It guides me through life
To accept what I cannot change
And soldier on
Good health genes mixed with bad
Still the good ones will out
In positivity.

©Sheilagh Lee January 13, 2016


  1. Positivity does not always come easily!

  2. That light always shines Sheilagh..brightly

  3. Sad that people only notice the outer imperfections and not bother about the inner strength. I like the positivity of the character here. Beautifully portrayed.

  4. That's right Sheilagh! Positive thinking and facing life head-on that matter and no one is the wiser over us. We do our own stuff and fight over our right to do it our way!


  5. Lovely write, and so real! You are perfect in your imperfections; it's what makes you real...separates the real people from robots.