Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Three Word Wednesday-Deeply

Three Word Wednesday

Prompts: Madly, adjective: in a manner suggesting or characteristic of insanity, with extreme intensity (informal).

Nocturnal, adjective: done, occurring, or active at night.

Omen, noun: an event regarded as a portent of good or evil, prophetic significance.

Was it an omen?
That I hated the movie
That my former beau
Took me to?
That we argued and parted?
Only for me to mope
And moan
Enough so my friend
Decided I had to meet you?
Nocturnal, you were not
Neither was I
We found likes the same
Values the same
Family sizes alike.
Friendship grew from love
Time went by
We shared each moment
Of joy and sorrow
Still nothing has changed
From that moment
 The taunting, tantalizing way
You make me feel
Still turns me to Jell-O
When you are near
For I love you madly,
Deeply without reservation
You bring out the best parts of me
I breathe because of you.

©Sheilagh Lee January 20, 2016


  1. Deep feelings of love can overcome little irritants of disagreements tactless comments even quarrels.The reason why marriages last for years.


  2. Deeply without reservation
    You bring out the best parts of me

    Deep love goes a long way to make both desirous of each other. If it brings out the best in the process it is a bonus!


  3. I suppose one love helps get over the feeling of another love that was missed. Nice verse!

    1. thank you Leo. the truth is the second love made me realize the first love was puppy love and not what I thought it was.

  4. The last line is a wonderful end Sheilagh - as is feeling like jell-o..some things happen for a reason

  5. That's so sweet. Am omen? Doesn't matter. A happy ending, definitely.