Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Three Word Wednesday- Filled

Prompts: Eager, adjective: (of a person) wanting to do or have something very much, (of a person's expression or tone of voice) characterized by keen expectancy or interest.

Frenzy, noun: a state or period of uncontrolled excitement or wild behavior.

Guzzle, verb: eat or drink (something) greedily.

Guzzling freely
I drink in life
The good
the bad
The happy
The sad

In a frenzy
 I open myself up
Eager to feel it all
For life is precious
The days too few
It seems

I want most of all
To leave my love ones
With memories of joyful
Filled with hope
To live everyday
Like my last

With love
©Sheilagh Lee January 6, 2016

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