Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Thirty-six years ago

For my husband who will always hold my heart.

Thirty-six years ago

I know thirty-six years ago
I was young and naive
I didn’t understand the world
And it didn’t understand me
Then I met you
And the world opened up
It wasn't such a scary place
With you by my side
I knew I’d found the person
The other half of me
That I needed just to breathe

So of course I didn’t let you go
I married you for
My dreams were home and family
In you I’ve found them both
I’ve even found the dreams
I tucked away from sight
For fear I’d be laughed at
But even those have been made right
For you’ve given me the confidence
To be myself
You’ve shown me true partnership
As you supported me
Through thick and thin
You made me see
What true love is
What a supportive partner can do
To make you feel alive and real
Someone who matters
As much as you
I love you my dear
May we have many more
Anniversaries in sight

Happy Anniversary Ken

©Sheilagh Lee  June 23, 2015

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