Sunday, June 21, 2015


You always worked hard to find
Any job, any trade
Amazing how you could adapt
To journeyman, chemical engineer, bricklayer     
Longshoreman, garbage man, security guard
You worked hard to provide
How lucky we were to have you
I remember the leisure you had
You spent with us
I recall a fishing pole
Holding a  hammer
Riding a new bike
Your tax return earned
You smiling at me
Across a table
As you sat in chair
Puffing away and talking
The talk of history
The battles and war
Alexander the great
To Rommel and more
The stories of Irish lore
Then the singing to Celtic records
Your favourite ‘Black velvet Band’
Because it reminded you of mom
You loved the great outdoors
And camping at Oastler Lake
The deep dark water
With lots of sunfish there
St. Mary’s where the picnics
Followed the fishing
The trip across the prairies to B.C.
When we were young
How you and mom survived it
I still don’t know
Four kids, dog and cat
On very little funds
To help out your family
Get a new job
How we miss you
But we know
You’re happy with mom
In heaven above
So just know you have our love

Happy Father's Day
©Sheilagh Lee  June 21, 2015

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