Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hello Again

Hello, again
Do you hear me
I’m thinking of you
But then I think of you
A lot
Most days remembering
How lucky I was to have
You weren’t perfect
You had your problems
Who doesn’t?
But you were my dad
And I was daddy’s girl
My pops,
 Always there when I needed you
Ready with advice or help
Nurturing my love of history
My love of Celtic music and coins
Giving knowledge
The love you shared with my mother
Inspired me,
It was obvious in the looks you gave
How much you loved her
The way you indicated
That you revered her
Taught me much
I miss you dad
I miss your goofy smile
Your big-hearted gestures
Your laugh
But I remember your last words
I want my kids to be okay
Will you be okay?
And dad I am
But I still miss you,
Especially today
Happy birthday Dad

Love you 

©Sheilagh Lee  April 12, 2015

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