Monday, December 5, 2011

Poem: I ℬεℓḯ℮√ε in Santa *<[:{)

Santa dear Santa
You wonderful man
Can there be anyone better
To help out those who need
And motivate those who can

Santa you bring such cheer
Into our lives, such joy
Is it any wonder we love you
You wonderful man

But behind every great man
Is a even greater woman
Motivating supporting and doing
Her part and more to help
And making him look good

So Clara, or whatever your name thank-you dear
We can't forget you never you fear
You do so much behind the scenes
That there is not so much as endless streams
Of goodwill and happiness from his visit.

I believe in Mrs. and Mr*<[:{)

Author: © Sheilagh Lee

All rights reserved December 18,2010