Monday, November 14, 2011

For Mom Happy 82nd Birthday

Mom it doesn't seem so long ago
I had to say goodbye
Although as the years have gone bye
I still find I cry
I miss your loving smile
And your warm embrace
The changing expressions on your face
I miss your encouragement
Your steadfast love and you always being there
Somehow it doesn’t seem fair
That you are not there
To see your grandchildren
Succeed and grow into adults
To see me finally succeed in writing my books
But I know you’re there in heaven
Though it’s been ten long years without you
That you watch over us and look in a time or two
And still whisper encouragement that we know is from you.
So today on what would have been your birthday
I want to wish you peace and joy and say
Thanks Mom for being there all the days
I had you were the best all good
Because you loved your children
And showed us each and everyday
How lucky we were to have you to stay
And show us the way to be the people we are today.
Thanks Mom I'll always love you.
And miss you Happy Birthday

©Sheilagh Lee  November 15 ,2011

Though ten long years
Since last I saw your face
I do not forget you
Nor do I weep
But rejoice in the time we spent
The things we shared 
And smile at memories
That keep you always with me.
©Sheilagh Lee  November 15 ,2011


  1. a lovely tribute to a gorgeous and obviously
    talented woman. ty for sharing.

  2. thank you Shauna I just wanted to make a tribute to my mother and remember her.

  3. What a beautiful way to pay tribute to your mother! The ones we love never truly leave us as long as we remember. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  4. Sheilagh,
    A noble thing to do. A mom deserves everything that we can give. It's payback time! A great verse! Thanks for visiting.