Sunday, November 6, 2011

Remembrance Day Poem

Young men eager to start an adventure
As they face their greatest fear
To leave kith and kin without censure
To fight the greatest foe
Off to the front, the war they go

The young and the older leave their families,
Going to foreign lands, they take their leaves,
Women volunteered and were put behind the scenes
To bandage the weary troops and keep the papers forwarded
With the orders down the line, and to keep the troops boarded
They stepped up those valiant women with none rewarded

The men the battle waged, battling falling in foreign land
Some in lonely countryside, some in Dieppe’s watery sand
Their youth, the strength given for their country
So we can have freedom to live and breathe and see
A world of peace and feel that we are free
To speak our minds and raise our families

They gave their lives their body and mind
To save our country, to give us time to find
Our place in the world without oppression
To save us from someone else obsession
Who wanted to control the world and control thought
So our troops volunteered and so valiantly fought
Giving to us their country the peace we sought

We thank them for their sacrifice                             
Though it barely does suffice
We thank them for the time they gave
We thank them for the lives they save
We thank them truly, for the battles fought
The battles won, for the peace we sought

We remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice
Though our thanks barely suffice
And those that come home broken
We give to all of you this token
Of our love and remembrance
For every day that is hence

We will remember and celebrate your life
We remember how you had such strife
To give us freedom and peace
To let the hostilities cease.
Thank-you is all I can say
Thank you each and every day.
We shall not forget.
Though the sunset
We shall always remember
Each and every day
And not only in November
Of the role you played
And the sacrifices you made
Our memories will never fade.

©Sheilagh Lee  November 6 ,2011

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