Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Three Word Wednesday - Election

Three Word Wednesday - Election
Prompts: Jab, verb: poke (someone or something) roughly or quickly, especially with something sharp or pointed; poke someone or something roughly or quickly with (a sharp or pointed object or a part of the body); noun: a quick, sharp blow, especially with the fist, a sharp painful sensation or feeling.
Laboured, adjective: done with great effort and difficulty, (especially of humor or a performance) not spontaneous or fluent.
Makeshift, adjective: serving as a temporary substitute; sufficient for the time being; noun: a temporary substitute or device.

With a jib and a jab
The candidates weave
Stories of how they’ll govern
They’ve laboured to convince us
That they’re right
That the makeshift plans
They’ve made
We’ll make everything better
We cast our ballots
Hoping X truly marks the spot
To moving into a better world
More caring, more loving
Of fellow citizens
Our candidate wins
We rejoice, but a nagging voice
The inner self who has heard
All the promises broken
Over the years of their life
Asks will they follow through?
The inner child untouched
By lies, says yes
It will all happen
                                                                             ©Sheilagh Lee October 21, 2015


  1. The inner child untouched
    By lies, says yes
    It will all happen

    The inner child guiding one towards success in all of its innocence. Thoughtful thoughts Sheilagh!


  2. thanks Hank Our new leader in Canada has awaken the child and the hope in us we can only hope that continues.

    1. Justin comes with strong credentials. His dad Pierre was in the same league as JFK and so also his Mom to Jackie!. Canada was at its heyday then, Remembered those years, Sheilagh! And Justin has retained the charisma of both. Looks like he's in for the long haul!


  3. Yes we can only hope that whoever leads us has a conscience..i like the reference to the inner the instinct to follow a parental influence but also the nagging knowledge of adulthood which warns us it may not be as good as we deserve

  4. exactly what I was thinking with the inner child reference Jae Rose thanks for reading