Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Missing you

I remember the day,
Not wanting to say,
Goodbye, it was too quick,
The illness that made you sick,
And stole your breath away,
Took time away,
Time to laugh and say,
We are sisters, bound by blood,
And remembrances of childhood,
I cried for the relationship we could have had,
All of this makes me so sad,
That you were taken away,
You should have many other days.

But today I remember joys,
Days of love and toys,
Birthdays long ago like today,
Were we’d run and play,
When we spent time together.
My sister, like birds of a feather.
We had time on our side.
Before you died.

Happy Birthday Sis! Love you  still missing you.
©Sheilagh Lee August 29,2012


  1. I do not think anyone really recovers from the death of a loved one. They are always in your thoughts. Life is wonderful but has a great deal of sadness.