Tuesday, July 24, 2012


A poem for those who need hope.

Struggling to see the light
Struggling to see anything but night
Lost in fear and pain
Lost with nothing to gain
Two steps forward and one step back
As the body struggles to make what it lacks
Work the way it used to do
Before when all was new
Yearning to pretend I haven’t changed
Learning to find I have other range
Mad, sad and glad, that I’m still here,
But still with a tiny ticking fear
That the body will betray
The progress today
And still struggling on
Beating my prey
The disease that lingers on
But conquer it I will.
©Sheilagh Lee July 24,2012


  1. authentic, earnest. and there is a hope threading each line of your poem.

  2. One must always still hope . I know it is hard but miracles do happen sometimes.

  3. Sometimes you get blue that was a bad day dealing with medical issues.