Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Prayer for a friend who is ill

Give her strength
And her family power

So hope can fight and win

This illness that came suddenly

And made her fight

So she can defeat this silent disease.

God hear our prayer

People really care about her
It is safe to say
She makes a difference every day
She such an inspiration
To all who know her and all who will
Please send her back to us
Make her well today
God hear our prayer.

God hear our prayer
For someone very dear
A friend to all
Someone who is always there
When someone needs a call
A loving hand , a smile, a word
She's there for us, she's always heard

Please heed our plea

Grant her strength and fight
She needs your loving heart
To mend her broken body
For now we see she's
Ravaged with an illness
She wrestling so hard to win
But she could use your loving hand
To heal and renew
Mind and spirit

(If you need to use this prayer go ahead and use it and please say a prayer for my writer friend Karen.)

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