Monday, February 19, 2018

Tuesday writings~Mine to win

Prompts: underneath, victory, struggles

Mine to Win
Sometimes I wonder why
Others can’t see
The me I see
This hidden illness
That presents to most
As if I were
Like everyone else
I wish I was
But underneath this smile
This tender heart
If you look closely at my eyes
You’d see the struggles
That I have
How much pain
I don’t share
How dead tired I am
Because I try hard to see
The good and not the bad
Ignore the disease
That holds me captive
So I can beat it
In my own way
But from time to time
I forget to fight
Let darkness triumph
Then I look
In the mirror to see
Death warmed over
I purse my lips
And smile
For I won’t let fibromyalgia
Or my autoimmune condition succeed
My life is my own
To be happy or sad
I choose to smile
This victory is mine to win
                                                                                                                ©Sheilagh Lee February 19, 2018

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