Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Tuesday Writings#27~ End Prejudice

Prompts this week : Impartiality, Enlightened, Educated.

End Prejudice
Words uttered having meaning
They cannot be tracked back
Rewritten with different meaning
Racism is racism
Shameful and demeaning
It should be talked about
Telling the person who utters it
No, this is not acceptable
Educate the children teach them well
So they can teach their elders
No more bigotry,
No more bias too,
Just a world where men,
And women are not judged,
By the differences they hold,
Let’s find the courage,
The dignity and the conviction,
To transform prejudice, backward, beliefs,
Into tolerance and impartiality,
It is possible to become more enlightened,
The words in back rooms,
Behind closed doors,
Still echo in the world,
Let’s end that hidden prejudice, too
For educated, open-minded people
Want to live in that world.
©Sheilagh Lee January 16,  2018

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