Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Three Word Wednesday- Essence and Ode to Three Word Wednesday

Three Word Wednesday- Essence
Prompts :Goodbye, exclamation: farewell, adieu, au revoir, ciao, adios; bye, bye-bye, so long, see you later, see you, sayonara; bon voyage; cheers; noun: parting, leave-taking, send-off.

Memorize, verb: commit to memory, remember, learn by heart, get off by heart, learn, learn by rote, become word-perfect in, get something down pat.

Haphazard, adjective: random, unplanned, unsystematic, unmethodical, disorganized, disorderly, irregular, indiscriminate, chaotic, hit-and-miss, arbitrary, aimless, careless, casual, slapdash, slipshod; chance, accidental.

I memorized your face
Every line every nuance 
That you made is etched 
In my mind
The way you lifted your eyebrow
The way your eyes tilted
To echo your smile
The way you 
Placed your hands on your hips
When you questioned something
Someone did
Your voice husky, yet musical
Echoes with things you said
No haphazard remembrance     

Will do 
You kindness to others 
Always my guide
People insisted I said goodbye
That I should forget
But how do you forget
The mother who nurtured you
Loved you spurred you on
You don't 
You just use the things she taught you
Memories always keep her close 
So her essence can go on

©Sheilagh Lee June 28, 2017
           Ode to Three Word Wednesday&Thom
Thom gave us haphazard words
To play with, write our hearts with
Every week we wrote
Poetry or stories
Feeling our way
To feeling good 
About our offerings
Thinking we might
Be able to please
Someone with our imaginations
But now it's come the time 
To say goodbye
All I can say is thank -you
My fellow writers and Thom
For all you've done
To make me feel
A part of Three Word Wednesday
And how you're encouragement 
And comments have improved my writings
Thank- you


  1. Lovely tribute to your mother. You look like her. Best of luck Sheilagh. Thank you for all your comments over the years.

  2. thank you that is a great compliment Rallentanda.

    1. and thank you too for all your helpful comments over the years

  3. A wonderful tribute to a great lady.

  4. Lets hope we can meet up again in the future Sheilagh. The sites suitable for serial stories seem few now but there are many poetry sites.

    1. thank you old Egg I will certainly continue to read your blog

  5. It is goodbye Sheilagh. Thanks for the company through the years!


    1. thank you Hank for all your comments.

  6. Yes a wonderful tribute - may you always keep writing

    1. A cannonball of talent, no doubt. What a wonderful tribute to TWW! And the poem about your mom was heart-tugging.

  7. thank you for everything Thom Three Word Wednesday has made a great difference in my writings and I'm sure in many other writers that have participated in the last ten years.

  8. Both the tributes are so heart warming to read.