Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Brave Manchester

Brave Manchester

I flinch as if struck

Gape hopelessly 
At the evil 
That can so easily
Hastily dispatch
Innocent children
Who are simply 
Having fun
My heart aches
Broken by the evil
That has descended
My eyes fill with tears
For the children 
And adults who died

Then I hear the stories
Of courage and help
Given to the victims
And I realize
Good people will not let them win
There is bravery and love
There is goodness in this world
And only light and love 
Can drown out the bad
We must however be vigilant 
And not shut our eyes
To those who radicalize themselves
To do harm

England and the UK 
Showed the world the way
To cope during
The Second World War
Stay alert 
Go on with daily life
Don't let them win
That's how this war is won
Is the cry again and again

But still we shall 
Forever mourn
Short lives
Stolen by evil deeds
Tears in our eyes
Pain in our hearts
Forever more

Rest in Peace dear ones~