Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Three Word Wednesday- Osler’s Lake

Jabber, verb: prattle, babble, chatter, twitter, prate, yap, gabble, rattle on, blather; yak, yammer, yabber, yatter, blab, blabber, bloviate; noun: prattle, babble, chatter, chattering, twitter, twittering, gabble, blather; informal yabbering, yatter, blabber.
Knowingly, adverb: deliberately, intentionally, consciously, wittingly, on purpose, by design, premeditatedly, willfully.
Lasting, adjective: enduring, long-lasting, long-lived, abiding, continuing, long-term, surviving, persisting, permanent; durable, constant, stable, established, secure, unchanging, irreversible, immutable, eternal, undying, everlasting, unending, never-ending, unfading, changeless, indestructible, unceasing, unwavering, unfaltering.

Osler’s Lake

Dad it seems like such
A short time ago
I was six and
Jabbered incessantly
You listened intently
Baiting my hook
I bagged my first fish
Up at Osler Lake
A tiny little sunfish
I was so proud
Until I realized
 It would be dead soon
I began to cry
You took me aside
Told me not to cry
Put the fish back in the water
And we watched it swim away
You explained
We don't knowingly harm them
We only take fish we eat
Not to torture them
I saw humanity in your eyes
How the creatures suffering
 Affected you too 
I admired my strong father
Who could carry me on his shoulders
And be so tender too
Who could fix anything
With his brilliant mind
Who could quote poetry
At the drop of a hat
Who could wax
About every subject under the sun
Who told me stories
Which made my imagination come alive
The lasting memories we made
Still live on
How I miss you so
But take comfort that you're with mom

©Sheilagh Lee April 12, 2017

Happy Birthday. Dad


  1. Wonderful tribute. I really like this poem; especially the way you used "who" near the end.

  2. What a beautiful tribute to your Dad, Sheilagh.

  3. I saw humanity in your eyes
    How the creatures suffering
    Affected you too
    I admired my strong father

    A Dad will always have uppermost thoughts of his baby girl.Any girl will always get a great Daddy! Wonderful tribute Sheilagh!


  4. What a grand memory!