Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Three Word Wednesday- Celebrities

Three Word Wednesday Prompts: 

Vapid, adjective: insipid, uninspired, colorless, uninteresting, feeble, flat, dull, boring, tedious, tired, unexciting, uninspiring, unimaginative, uninvolving, lifeless, tame, vacuous, bland, trite, jejune.

Adjoining, adjective: connecting, connected, interconnecting, adjacent, ensuite, neighboring, bordering, next-door; contiguous, proximate; attached, touching.

Bouncy, adjective: bumpy, jolting, jerky, jumpy, jarring, rough, lively, energetic, perky, frisky, jaunty, dynamic, vital, vigorous, vibrant, animated, spirited, buoyant, bubbly, sparkling, vivacious; enthusiastic, ebullient, upbeat.

Vapid celebrities

Filling the news

Bouncy outlandish personalities

Living life not really seeing

The world but only the trappings

Of the rich and famous

Not the adjoining 

Neighbourhoods that are poor 

Now facing reality 

When they are targeted

By those who are bad

Poor or indifferent

Wake-up calls can be 


But what a terrible price

Leftover PTSD occurs

©Sheilagh Lee October 26, 2016


  1. How little we understand of others lives as we live ours unconcerned. Perhaps human are the least humane of all creatures Sheilagh!

  2. The world's such a mess of disparity as you point out so well in this poem...

  3. awesome sketch..the world lives on the trappings.

  4. So true. It's interesting - when I saw the words to use this week I thought 'Mmm tricky' yet in the end a lot of us have followed similar themes.

  5. The rich are indifferent and the poor are in deprivation. Ingredients for conflicts need just some little sparks to start a conflagration!