Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Three Word Wednesday - Peace


Firm, adjective: hard, solid, unyielding, resistant; solidified, hardened, compacted, compressed, dense, stiff, rigid, frozen, set; secure, secured, stable, steady, strong, fixed, fast, set, taut, tight; immovable, irremovable, stationary, motionless; strong, vigorous, sturdy, forceful; resolute, determined, decided, resolved, steadfast; adamant, emphatic, insistent, single-minded, in earnest, wholehearted; unfaltering, unwavering, unflinching, unswerving, unbending; hardline, committed, dyed-in-the-wool; close, good, intimate, inseparable, dear, special, fast; constant, devoted, loving, faithful, long-standing, steady, steadfast, rock-steady; noun: company, business, concern, enterprise, organization, corporation, conglomerate, office, bureau, agency, consortium.

Grave, noun: burial site, gravesite, cemetery plot, tomb, sepulcher, vault, burial chamber, mausoleum, crypt; last resting place; adjective: serious, important, weighty, profound, significant, momentous; critical, acute, urgent, pressing; dire, terrible, awful, dreadful; solemn, serious, sober, unsmiling, grim, somber; severe, stern, dour.

Heated, adjective: warm, hot; thermal; vehement, passionate, impassioned, animated, spirited, lively, intense, fiery; angry, bitter, furious, fierce, stormy, tempestuous; excited, animated, inflamed, worked up, wound up, keyed up.


I am firm
In my belief
Though people get heated
About different views
They can come together
To make the right change
In goodwill and harmony
If they only try
But if they cannot make change
Then find some calm
Because life is too short
To argue and moan
About what we cannot change
Let’s take some
Peace to the grave
And have serenity

©Sheilagh Lee September 14, 2016


  1. Yes're absolutely seems so simple and yet many of us still get it wrong

  2. If only...the world is short on serenity and peace. We can aim for it in our personal lives.
    Wishing you calm thoughts Sheilagh.Nice poem.

  3. I'm all for the quiet life now having had excitement enough in the past!

  4. Because life is too short
    To argue and moan
    About what we cannot change

    What is the use of whining and complaining. One sets the course and seek ways to accomplish great things at minimal costs and efforts. Life can then be most rewarding!