Monday, June 27, 2016

The Streets of London

The Streets of London

The streets of London
Lined with trees
Foliage, bright green,
 To autumn vibrant colours
To the winter’s frost
The seasons change
But one constant remains
They are good people here
Caring individuals who speak-up
When others err
Speaking out against injustice
We want that warm small town
Feel of neighbourhood

Cars people commuting
From work shopping and home
People going about life
Most people wanting to answer
The call to neighbourliness
Arms opened
With friendliness
And acceptance
Wide to refugees
Far and wide
Young people, Old people
And in between
Welcoming and warm
We want new blood to make us
Bigger, brighter, better,
Than before
Only through understanding
Tolerance and learning
Can we be
The richest city in the world
Only through community
Can we achieve
The truest riches of
Peace and harmony
For the then streets of London

Will be paved with love.

©Sheilagh Lee June 27, 2016

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