Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tears for our soldiers

Tears fall from my eyes 
My heart full
I grieve for you
You represented Canada
Your head held high
You guarded against
Those who sought to harm
Your life you gave
 Freely to protect
Our way of life
You are our heroes
We can but offer
Our prayers and tears
That you are lost to us
Taken by evil

They think we will lay down
We will not succumb
We will not be silenced
Or dismissed
We will fight for our rights
That women and men 
Fought hard for
We are Canadian
Strong and free
We love our country
We stand on guard for thee.
As you did with your lives for us
We shall not forget
Nor will we slumber
But guard against those
Who took your lives
So your sacrifice

Shall not be in vain.

©Sheilagh Lee October 22, 2014 

RIP Cpl Nathan Cirrillo at the War Memorial and the soldier Warrant officer, Patrice Vincent who was murdered by the driver of a car.
They gave their lives for their country and we are indebted to them for their bravery and valour.

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