Friday, August 15, 2014

The Comedian

The Comedian

“Shut up, that’s not true.”
We yell and we scream
Reading the news
The man who entertained us
Gone in the blink of an eye

He made us laugh and cry
A part of our lives
Streaming in movies, shows
In our living rooms
Could not be dead

We cry tears we yell
And we grow angry
All the stages of grief
We feel like he is family
This funny man

Yet the comedian
Cried tears of a clown
And we heard him not
No one could touch the darkness
That yelled deep within him

 I’m not good enough
No one cares about me
The voice cried
Let me die
Let me die

The companion, that awful cloud
That hovers amongst us
Unknown and unwanted
It burrowed and took the life
From a good person
Who couldn’t resist its sirens’ call

We wish he could have reach out
And see the adoration now shown for him
See the difference he made
We wish we could turn back time
And reach out to him

Show him friendship and devotion
Show him that he was loved.
Too little, too late
Don’t let this be the cry
Make a difference

In his name.
©Sheilagh Lee  August 14, 2014 for thursday threads

RIP Robin Williams 

If you are suffering and feel like committing suicide please contact one of the agencies in this post

or call the police for help.

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