Saturday, November 9, 2013

For love of Country- A Remembrance Day Poem

For love of Country

For love of country
They gave their time
Their love and their lives
It took the best of families’ sons
And daughters who gave their all
Working overseas and in the wartime plants
Some left the country which they loved

                                           As soldiers they fought so bravely
                                           In foxholes and on fields they suffered 
                                           Giving so freely, for they sought to save
                                           Us from madmen who wanted all
                                           Countries to bow to them
                                           And their mistaken ideals
                                           They put aside misgivings and fought on

Their families suffered dearly
Without them by their sides                           

Missing time as children
Grew without a parent by their side
Parents had a hole in hearts
Where children should abide
When soldiers came to the door
To tell them of their loss

So we set aside a day in November
Every single year to remember
These brave souls who died for us
Fought for us, gave their time for us
But one day is not enough
For their sacrifice so dear
So we remember each day of the year
From the rising of the sun
Until the setting of the sun
We will remember

And celebrate their lives
And thank them for our freedom
That reigns because they fought for us.

©Sheilagh Lee November 9, 2013

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