Thursday, August 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Debbie

I think of when we were young
You held my hand and we ran
Hand in hand through fields
Playing hide and seek
Jumping rope, playing jacks

You told me stories
And were my constant friend
I bragged to all about
My brainy sister 
Beautiful and tall

When the girls were bigger than me
Picked on me, washed my face
In trios in the snow
You fought my battles

Our mother and our aunt
Loved to dress us alike
Though you hated it
I loved being just like you

I wanted to be like you
Smart, and self-assured
I was proud when people said
 I looked like you.

We both grew up, married
 You had a son
I had a daughter
 They played together
We smiled our family had blossomed and grown
You had another son I, another daughter

Then tragedy came knocking at the door
Cancer took you away, too young.
Sometimes I look in the mirror and wonder
If we’d look similar still, if you were here now
I look for your smile in my own face
For I miss it so.

I hate that you aren’t here
Enjoying your children, grandchildren
You should be here
I miss you still.

But today I'll think of all the good things
We did together. all the ways you were
My big sister, brave, fearless and strong
I'll think of your love and I'll be happy
That I spent time with you
My beloved big sister.

Happy Birthday Sis!

©Sheilagh Lee August 29, 2013

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