Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Heart of a Warrior

You were different
You were strong
You were proud
You had a hard life
But survived challenges
 That would cripple
You were magical
To a young child
With stories dramatic
Full of fantasy
Wonder and life
No story as acrid
As your young existence
Your father should have been quarantined
His fists should have been stopped
His dramatic acts blocked
But you survived
All the men who didn’t
Love you enough
And settled for the love
From nieces and nephews,children 
Grandchildren, and great-grandchildren
To whom you gave your all
All loyalty, all encompassing
Returned to you tenfold
By all who loved you
Then mourned your passing
And remember you
Grandma, Olive I miss you still.

Happy Birthday 
©Sheilagh Lee April 30, 2014