Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Three Word Wednesday -Rippling Through Water

Prompts: Violate, verb: contravene, breach, , infringe, break, transgress, overstep, disobey, defy, flout; disregard, ignore, trample on, invade, trespass upon, encroach upon, intrude upon; disrespect, desecrate, profane, defile, degrade, debase; damage, vandalize, deface, destroy, rape, sexually assault, assault, force oneself on, abuse, attack, molest, interfere with.

Anticlimax, noun: letdown, disappointment, comedown, nonevent; bathos.

Bit, noun: piece, portion, segment, section, part; chunk, lump, hunk, slice; fragment, scrap, shred, crumb, grain, speck; spot, drop, pinch, dash, soup├žon, modicum; morsel, mouthful, bite, sample; iota, jot, tittle, whit, atom, particle, trace, touch, suggestion, hint, tinge; snippet, snatch, smidgen, tad, moment, minute, second, (little) while.

Rippling Through Water

Like pebbles rippling through water
Others seek to violate your peace of mind
Bit by bit, word by word
They penetrate your defences
Feeling you are drowning
You reach out to them
Looking for a lifeline
Demanding retraction
They crow anticlimactically
That they are innocent
You are making up things
They are the angel
You are the devil
You think you’re alone
Adrift in a hostile world
But others see them
For whom they are
And then you don’t feel so alone
©Sheilagh Lee May 10, 2017


  1. Nice handling of the words. From conceived darkness to truth/hope.

  2. I could imagine the stone skimming across those peaceful waters - a captivating poem

  3. Yes your words were included seamlessly and I had to re-read the poem to find them. There always seem to be pleanty of naysayers in this world and the best solution is just to ignore them.

  4. Wow great use of the words.