Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Three word Wednesday- Time

Time is filtered in moments
Moments of great sadness
Instants of great joy
Moments of unselfishness
Ages of love
Seconds of heartbreak
Flashes of happiness

Segments of rhythms
Binding the fabrics of our lives
Like grains of sand
They fill up and etch
Out the corners of our lives
Until the wind comes and blows
Them all away

Treasure your good times
Capturing them
In the camera of the mind
Taking them out when needed
Like a picture book
To live them all again.

©Sheilagh Lee May 4, 2016


  1. This is beautiful Sheilagh.

  2. Reliving memories is a great thing as it ushers positivity!
    Wishing everyone such happiness!

  3. Beautiful imagery Sheilagh and a conveyance of knowing and wisdom - pictures we hold in are heads are the best kind (thank you also for your lovely comment)

  4. Yes, cherish golden moments and never dwell on the regrettable ones. Delightful.

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  5. Such a profound and wise poem...indeed cherish every moment of today.