Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Three Word Wednesday - Uncovered

Three Word Wednesday - Uncovered

Uncovered, verb: remove a cover or covering from, discover (something previously secret or unknown).
Vacant, adjective: (of premises) having no fixtures, furniture, or inhabitants; empty, (of a position or office) not filled, (of a person or their expression) having or showing no intelligence or interest.
Abrupt, adjective: sudden and unexpected, brief to the point of rudeness, curt, steep, precipitous, (of a style of speech or writing) not flowing smoothly; disjointed.

         This is fiction; but I have known people who when I've met just feel wrong to me, usually I avoid them and find out later that the feeling didn't steer me wrong they were trouble in one way or another. 

That vacant stare
He wears
Abruptly disappears
And a feeling of fear
Overwhelms me
As the stare turns to
Flight or fear impulse
I turn
To take a stand
Another fake smile
Takes over 
But I'm not fooled
His evil is evident
In every move
I walk away
To fight another day
Cautioning others
Who only see the snake
Inside when he strikes
They listen not
And when he is finally 
Seen for the devil
He is
I want to rejoice
But there is no time
For a new evil
Has already risen
A new fight has begun

©Sheilagh Lee March 16, 2016


  1. This is really beautiful, yet chilling. Well done.

  2. It is good that she discovered it in time. Yes, choices as alternatives abound. Great lines Sheilagh!


  3. I agree - a chilling write and yet one of empowerment - reminds me of the slayer - but real in that we all must slay our demons

    1. true Jae Rose we must all learn to slay our own demons

  4. Recognising our demons is the first step. Standing up to them must follow.Brilliant.

    My 3WW tale!

  5. One fight after another, it seems.